Emma Watson received ‘threats’ after opening ‘Pandora’s Box’ with UN c

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The actress-turned-activist, 26 – who was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador – said she hit a “crashing low” following the speech in New York two years ago.

Watson said she had her “worst fears confirmed” after becoming the target of a “level of critique I had never experienced in my life”.

Delivering a keynote address at the seventh One Young World Summit on Thursday she said: “I was very nervous before that speech. The nerves were followed by a tremendous high immediately afterwards, and a crashing low a few days after that.
“My best hopes and my worst fears were confirmed all at once. I had opened Pandora’s Box to a standing ovation and almost simultaneously a level of critique I had never experience in my life, and the beginning of what wold become a series of threats.

She continued: “The last two years have been a baptism of fire to say the least where I learnt just how little I know and also how much.

“It was my scary first step as an activist – a word I never thought I would use to describe myself.”
Despite the criticism and threats, the former Harry Potter actress said she feels she has finally found her "tribe".

She said: "Finding people from such disparate experiences and communities, that I found that I have something in common with.

"This is a community of artists, spiritual teachers, dreamers, thinkers, doers, who work together and support each other.

"For the first time in my life, I found my sisterhood; a brotherhood - whatever, however you want to describe it - I found my tribe."

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